Thomson manufacture a premium range of actuators with many design features to cover most electric actuating solutions with a range of voltages, internal electrical and mechanical smarts coupled with a heavy duty industrial design.
With a range of strokes from 1 inch to 36 inch as standard plus the ability to manufacture specials and prototypes. The Thomson actuator is worth a full review before selecting your actuator solution. Apart from the range below, please click on the below link for a more comprehensive range and technical information.

Further range of Thomson Actuators


The latest product development from Thomson USA is now available in Australia.
The HD actuator has a range of features that provide a superior performance actuator; this is due to a platform of on-board electronics with options which can eliminate the need for standalone controls, higher power and no compromise between load and longer strokes.

Thomson HD Actuator

Thomson HD

Electrak HD Actuator

The key features of this actuator

  • Unrivalled environmental protection – up to 1P69
  • Integrated manual override
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Inbuilt safety nuts
  • Ball screw vs lead screw
  • Industry leading onboard control options
  • No ongoing maintenance
  • Dynamic braking

Plus many more features.

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