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Statewide Bearings offer an extensive range of HepcoMotion linear motion systems and automation components.

Linear components

Hepco Motion linear products can offer unique solutions where by speed, environmental conditions, assembly and mounting conditions are challenging.

If you require any further assistance please contact a Statewide Linear representative to provide advice and design assistance to satisfy your requirements.


Hepco Linear Motion Systems­­­            

Why Vee guides?

The majority of customers are trending towards the use of profile bearings and guides.
In reality, though, designers would be better served in many applications by considering the merits of alternative technologies like Vee guides.

Profile bearings and rails have a higher load carrying capacity, however Vee guides are always selected with the life that is required based on the duty cycle of the machine as a solution.

It is rare for applications needing to replace a Vee system in its entirety because it has come to the end of its desired life. HepcoMotion GV3 Vee systems are normally supplied as double edge slides with carriages. Bearings are covered with cap seals that provide lubrication, in many cases, for the life of the machine.

For higher duty cycles over long strokes a standard bleed lubrication systems can be fitted.

In summary

The GV3 product has design and application benefits over traditional linear guides. Examination of the GV3 product reveals interesting key user benefits.

  • In longer length applications where setting of profile rails can be expensive and time consuming.
  • Vee guides are proven to be highly effective in hostile conditions.
  • Reduced engineering costs due to ease of assembly & longer term maintenance intervals.

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